Becoming Dangerous books Kickstarter

We are VERY excited to announce that a Kickstarter for our next book is launching in September.

BECOMING DANGEROUS is a non-fiction book of personal essays about the rituals of resistance that people from marginalised communities perform to be scary in a world that wants them to be scared, to fight back against the patriarchy, to dismantle systems of oppression, and to just generally survive this world that seems hell bent on damaging and destroying our bodies and our hearts. 

We're putting together a book of intelligent, emotional, beautiful, challenging works written by witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels. Topics range from dismantling dependance on the patriarchy through witchcraft to gardening; from fashion magick to city-magic rituals as a cripple-witch; from skincare rituals to searching for a legendary Scottish warrior woman. It's going to be necessary reading in a time when turning to magic and ritual is the only way for many of us to survive and resist. 

Look for the Kickstarter in September!

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