pink banner with bright yellow circle in the middle. Across the circle is blue writing that reads The Pussy Parlour Newsletter.

If you're interested in writing for The Pussy Parlour newsletter here is a general information and FAQ source that hopefully gives you a better idea of exactly what it is we're looking for and also what exactly The Pussy Parlour newsletter is.
The Pussy Parlour newsletter is an email list. It is a newsletter of nonfiction writing that works to further the Fiction & Feeling mandate to elevate underrepresented voices and topics. It is a short-run newsletter that's only available through subscription. It will be sent out once a month for six months. 
The newsletter will be sent out to backers of the Becoming Dangerous Kickstarter that pledged at the Reader's Reward level as well as anyone who purchases a £6 subscription (for six months) from the Fiction & Feeling website shop. Most of the readers will be interested in feminism, feelings, witchcraft, dismantling the patriarchy and white supremacy, sex, mental health, the future, activism, ways that pop culture intersects all of the above, and good writing.
The newsletter is nonfiction only. However, I am not looking for academic nonfiction. I am looking for beautiful, poetic reflections of topics from a personal viewpoint. If you're interested in what exactly that means, you can look at SPLIT (Fiction & Feeling's first book), or you can also look to Charlotte Shane's, Chelsea G Summer's, or Larissa Pham's newsletters to get an idea of the voice I'm looking for. (Or mine I suppose.) I'm looking for prose that makes you pause, take a sharp intake of breathe, or sigh audibly. 
ALSO: if you'd rather make a short comic, like this one by Julia Scheele, that is definitely acceptable!
  • Length: 1000 words max.
  • Format: Google Doc or Word file (or web-ready image files for comics)
  • Payment: £50/piece (if the newsletter suddenly got wildly popular, this would increase!)
  • Deadline: The newsletter will run from February-July 2018. There will be limited space for each of the six installments of the newsletter. With that in mind, the sooner you can get in your submission, the more likely there will still be room for you in the newsletter. 
  • While you can definitely discuss ideas with me, I will only be considering completed drafts for possible publication
Also, if you know of anyone that you think would like to submit something for this newsletter, please pass the info on! We are looking especially to publish writers with disabilities, trans, queer, non-binary, Indigenous, or BAME writers. 
That's it! If you have any other questions, let me know!

Do you have a book idea that you think would fit great at Fiction & Feeling? You can email us at

We're interested in all kinds of books as long as they fit into our vision of elevating underrepresented voices and topics. This could be fiction or nonfiction, sci fi, fantasy, historical epic, comics, whatever!

Small publishers don't have access to the same resources as major publishers, but we are very passionate and dedicated just to YOU. You won't just submit a manuscript and never hear from us until a book shows up at your door, we will be with you every step along the way. Take a chance on us, we've learned a lot and would love to work with you.