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BECOMING DANGEROUS is a nonfiction book of deeply personal essays by marginalised people operating at the intersection of feminism, witchcraft, and resistance to summon power and become fearsome in a world that would prefer them afraid. With contributions from twenty witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels, BECOMING DANGEROUS is a book of intelligent and challenging essays that will resonate with anyone who’s ever looked for answers outside the typical places.

The latest from Fiction & Feeling, a UK publishing company, the book is edited by me, Katie West, and Jasmine Elliott. From ritualistic skincare routines to gardening; from becoming your own higher power to searching for a legendary Scottish warrior woman; from the fashion magick of brujas to cripple-witch city-magic; from shoreline rituals to psychotherapy—this book is for people who know that now is the time, now is the hour, ours is the magic, ours is the power.

the story

Originally, this book was going to be about the secret and safe spaces women create for themselves and each other. But as I was exploring that idea, I started to notice that so many babes I knew were turning to each other in more ritualised ways. I saw my friends creating private covens on Facebook, casting emoji spells to protect each other, sharing ritualised skincare routines, using tarot readings to make their weekend plans, making offerings to the Goddess, and performing binding spells on their President.  

I loved looking at the different ways in which queer and LGBT people; women and women of colour; nonbinary, and gender variant people were all summoning power in a world that prefers them powerless. The world is not a fair and equal place and, for many of us, that makes it a scary place. The culture we live in is built on systems of oppression and a patriarchal imbalance of power. We’re regularly faced with threats to our agency and authority. Those with power are not keen on sharing, and those of us without are left with discovering ways to summon it for ourselves. Discovering power that hasn’t been given to us begrudgingly or allocated sparingly makes us threatening. Power makes us dangerous.

I knew I wanted to make a book about this. I wanted a book for people who needed to discover ways to summon their own power and become dangerous. 

Rituals, and magic in general, tend to increase in popularity during times of uncertainty and unrest. So at a time when there are forces at work in the world that threaten our freedoms, rights, and well-being, now is the moment to go dark and fuck shit up. This book collects twenty remarkable, defiant writers doing whatever they need to do to get people to stop fucking with their energy. The essays are personal explorations about how and why rituals of resistance work for them. Our goal is that this 300-page softcover book can help you to summon your own power to resist, survive, and thrive. 



Contributors for this book write for publications like The Guardian and The Paris Review; websites like Autostraddle, Hoodwitch, VICE, Broadly, and Nylon; and have published books and journal articles with several different publishers. Some identify as witches; others identify as writers, musicians, or artists. All of them have developed personal rituals to summon their own power and want to share these personal experiences of resistance and survival with you.




We're using Kickstarter to fund this project. Our initial campaign goal covers all printing, design, and editing costs; provides compensation for all of the contributors in the book; and goes toward shipping costs, reward production, and Kickstarter/credit card fees.

Rewards  Stretch Goals

  • Jen Bartel exclusive enamel pin design 
  • Kate Leth exclusive sticker sheet
  • Julia Scheele exclusive A3 art print
  • Tarot readings from Maranda Elizabeth
  • Two-Moon Meditation from ObsidianMoon Astrology
  • Sensitivity reading by trans editor of Autostraddle Mey Rude
  • Original art and readings by Katelan Foisy
  • and more!
  • Limited edition hardcover with slipcase that includes illustrations done by 15 incredible artists exclusively for this edition of Becoming Dangerous
  • New rewards to be unlocked from our contributors 
  • Audiobook version of Becoming Dangerous
  • Paperback version of Becoming Dangerous gets an upgrade: foil stamped cover and French flaps!
  • and more to come!
Book Specs
  • Paperback, perfect bound
  • 5.25" x 8"
  • 300+ pages
  • 20 essays by diverse, talented authors
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