Fiction & Feeling started because we believe it's important to hear stories from people who've lived a reality unlike our own. We create books that aim to elevate underrepresented voices and topics, always looking for that gap in the conversation that should be filled. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming projects and more!

Fiction & Feeling was founded in January 2016 as a creative partnership between Katie West and Jamie McKelvie. The publishing part of the business started in December 2016. As a company, Fiction & Feeling is into intersectional feminism and strives to create art that reflects the diverse, complicated world we exist in.


Katie West is a writer, photographer, editor, director, and executive assistant. She was recently published in THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS (Dark Horse, edited by Hope Nicholson). She was also published in PERFORMANCE (One Beat Zines). She is the executive assistant for THE WICKED + THE DIVINE (Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie). She has published several volumes of a (sort-of) annual photographic magazine called BABEFEST that brings women together to create, share, and support one another. She also directed the music video for SEVEN SATURDAYS single AU REVOIR. She has a comic with Ray Fawkes in the upcoming anthology HAUNTED TALES OF GOTHIC LOVE (Bedside Press, edited by Hope Nicholson).


Jamie McKelvie is an award-winning artist and writer best known for his creator-owned comic series THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, PHONOGRAM (both with writer Kieron Gillen) and SUBURBAN GLAMOUR. He has worked for Marvel on YOUNG AVENGERS, CAPTAIN MARVEL, and MS MARVEL. Most recently, he designed the X-MEN: BLUE team. THE WICKED + THE DIVINE has been optioned to be adapted for television by Universal. He has produced artwork for bands such as CHVRCHES and TEGAN & SARA. He also recently directed a music video for CHVRCHES for their hit single BURY IT.