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Becoming Dangerous is currently at the printers and should be ready to ship out to everyone who backed the Kickstarter or preordered a copy later this month. 

It's been getting quite good reviews and feedback from early readers (Kelly Sue DeConnick said, "Thoughtful and earnest, considered together these essays weave a spell, taking the acts of women deemed selfish and silly and naming them sacred. Witches are having a moment. And it’s about damn time.") So that's all good news!

5 stars! Woo! Review in The Skinny

I recently had the opportunity to be a speaker at the amazing SYP ScotlandConference, Publishing vs. The World! It was my first interaction with the Scotland publishing community and I was so impressed by the massive turn out! I talked with fellow speakers Heather McDaid (of 404 Ink), Natalie Fergie (The Sewing Machine, Unbound), and Gala Morozova (Hidden Door fundraiser) about crowdfunding publishing projects. Also NICOLA STURGEON was the keynote speaker so that was quite the act to follow. I'm so glad I was invited to be a part of this day. Hope I can make it a habit. 

One of the rewards for the Becoming Dangerous Kickstarter was a subscription based newsletter, The Pussy Parlour. It runs once a month for six months and only costs £6 to subscribe.  The newsletter will feature writing from past Fiction & Feeling authors, as well as new talent. The newsletter is about pop culture, unique perspectives, strong voices, sex adventures, and you! See? PUSSY. It's an acronym. Subscribe! I know you want to! Or maybe you want to submit your own writing to The Pussy Parlour? You can do that!


On a more personal note, I'm also launching another Kickstarter soon to fund BABEFEST Vol. 3: Hot & Cold. BABEFEST is a photographic celebration of women, friendships, and being naked! This will be a quick campaign where you can preorder the third edition of BABEFEST starring me and the gorgeous and indomitable Faye Daniels. This magazine will feature shots from our trip to Iceland and our upcoming trip to Hawaii. Get personalized Instax photos, access to Behind-The-Scenes Dropbox folders, and more! That Kickstarter will be coming soon! I'll let you know.

And last, but certainly not least, I recently bought internationalbuttday.com. So get your butts ready for 3 July 2018. I'm making it a charity event, because I truly believe butts can save the world.



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