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The idea for SPLIT came to me one night in December, and now, four months later, it's done! It's a real book! You should buy it

Katie holding SPLIT
As publishing a book is not a thing I'd ever done before, this experience was a huge learning curve for me. There is a lot involved in publishing a book! And I didn't know any of it. But I learned it, and I think I did a pretty good job. I did make mistakes though. And I read somewhere that people appreciate it when you tell them about the mistakes you made, so let's do that. 

Mistakes I Made:

  • I put the running headers on the wrong pages. I put the title on the left and the author on the right. Should've been the other way around. And the worst part is, at one point I said to myself "I better check this!" And then I forgot. And I got it wrong. It's frustrating.
  • Also, I forgot to put the Kindle ISBN on the copyright page. It's in the Kindle edition though so I guess that's okay.
  • I tried to do everything myself in a short amount of time. That resulted in a really painful body & exhaustion. Next time I outsource more.
  • Because it was only me, I didn't have any time to do promo like I would've wanted. Next time, I take more time as well. Go slower.
  • The hardest part of all of this was creating digital versions of the book that looked any good. I tried my best.
  • Oh! Also hard, figuring out selling methods (website? Amazon? Bookshops?) and shipping costs (hard without the actual book!)

Things I Did Well:

  • My bookkeeping is immaculate. I have beautiful spreadsheets of expenses and income and they are perfect.
  • I really like the interior design of the book. I think it looks classy and has lots of white space that makes it easy to read.
  • I liked my visual book campaign. Started that after seeing a talk at London Book Festival with Julia Kingsford.
  • I also loved working with such talented authors who let me publish their personal stories about divorce & trusted me to make a great book.


Once you've read SPLIT, if you like it, it would be great if you could leave a review on our Goodreads page or our Amazon page! Thank you!

Work on our next book begins in May!

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