Fiction & Feeling to close

I knew this was coming for quite some time. But it was for different reasons.

Fiction & Feeling doesn't really make any money. We break even on most projects and any money over that goes to business expenses (Publishing Scotland membership, website fees, PEN membership, etc.) Last August I knew to get Fiction & Feeling to the next level, I needed to hire a marketing person. And I did! And then it became clear that because of personal financial obligations, I wasn't going to have enough to pay a marketing person. I had to un-hire the marketing person, put a stop on new books I had in the pipeline, and put F&F on hiatus. I figured I'd fulfil the BETTER THAN IRL Kickstarter and that would be it, for bit. I'd keep the web shop open, maybe do some new print runs and try to get stocked in a few places, but not create anything new. But I was hopeful that I'd be back in 2021.

And then COVID-19 happened. 

It's affected the fulfilment of the BETTER THAN IRL Kickstarter. It's affected our main source of income (comics). It's affected that personal financial obligation that was causing the hiatus in the first place. And at this point, I'm living off my savings and trying to cut costs wherever I can. The Fiction & Feeling business expenses have become the next things on my list of places where I can save money (to be honest, if it's not food, it's on the chopping block).

So that's it. We made three books I'm very proud of, plus a six-month literary newsletter that showcased some incredible talent. I got to work with and edit my favourite authors. I got to meet new authors from across the world who trusted me and my vision for the books we created together. I got to make books about topics like divorce, ritual, and the good ol' days of the internet. Thousands of people have read these books and I'm so amazed and delighted by the reactions people have had to them. We've laughed and cried together reading these works and I'm grateful beyond words.

I hope I can come back to publishing one day. It's a hard business but I found it endlessly rewarding. Thank you for your support for the last few years, I definitely could never have done it without you. 

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