Becoming Dangerous is getting a US release!

Becoming Dangerous books

Good news! Publishing rights for Becoming Dangerous have been sold to Red Wheel/Weiser, a US publisher. This means it's going to get wide spread release and distribution! You'll be able to buy it in actual book shops!

This is so exciting for me because I don't have a distributor and as I spend most of my time making and designing books, so I don't have much time left for approaching book shops to carry them, unfortunately. And I just want as many people as possible to read the books!

It really helps if you preorder, as it shows booksellers that it's a coveted book! You can go into your nearest bookshop and ask them to preorder it for you (which is the best! Because if you ask for one copy, they'll probably order a couple!), or you can preorder it at one of the links below:

Preorder the book from Indiebound

Preorder the book from Barnes & Noble

Preorder the book from Amazon

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